How do you feel when you enjoy different pints of drinks all weekend and going back to office on Monday ?

8. aug 2011. 06:49

The mind is not ready when you enjoy all weekend in drinking and going back to office on monday.

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Ian F. 8. aug 2011. 16:43Viņa atbildes

you get used to it, however sunday is a good recovery day

Šis jautājums jau ir slēgts. Jūs nevarat uz viņu atbildēt.

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Dzēsts profils 10. aug 2011. 12:20 Viņa atbildes

Do like I use to, Get up and have another one, Then go out and great the new day :)

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Dave M. 12. aug 2011. 00:59 Viņa atbildes

Better than other days, get the confident yet careless mood that helps me get through the day :)