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I Services

The portal is provided by SIA "INBOKSS" registration number 40003560720 Matrožu iela 15, 2st., Rīga, LV-1048, hereinafter referred to as The services of the portal are provided free of charge.

II Terms of registration

  1. Registering on you must specify your real name and surname.
  2. The main photo of your profile must contain a picture of you.
  3. Any personal information placed by you on should be honest. If you do not want to place additional personal information about yourself, you do not need to do it.
  4. It is allowed to create only an individual profile of one person.
  5. The age for users is not limited.

III Terms of use

  1. The commercial use of is forbidden.
  2. It is allowed to create a profile for a physical person.
  3. It is not allowed to publish and distribute on any slandering, aggressive information, which hurts pride and honor and discriminates religious beliefs and sexual orientation, and also any such images and photos.
  4. The user is held responsible for any information published by him or her on, for any activity taken by the user from his or her account registered on and also for any consequences of such activity.
  5. The images and photos published by the user must not
    • contain pornography,
    • hurt pride and honor,
    • contain undisclosed sexuality,
    • encourage the use of drugs and alcohol,
    • contain politically incorrect information,
    • violate any copyrights,
    • portray or induce to any illegal activity.

IV Privacy policy

The confidentiality policy of SIA “INBOKSS” defines how SIA "INBOKSS" reg. No. 40003560720, hereafter in the text INBOX, uses information and how you, the INBOX user, can protect your confidentiality.

By using INBOX services, you entrust us with your information. This confidentiality policy has been developed to help users understand what information we collect, why we do this, and how we use it. This policy is very important, therefore we hope that you will devote some time to carefully reading this document.

Information management, as well as confidentiality and security protection options are available in the “User Profile” section.

Information provided by you is used to show you the most suitable advertisements, help you to contact people, and provide faster and simpler sharing with others.

1. Collected information

INBOX collects specific information in order to provide users with better services.

1.1. Personal information

When registering, you must provide information about yourself:

1.1.1 Name

1.1.2 Surname

1.1.3 Birth date

1.1.4 Gender

The information we receive when you use our services. We collect information on what services you use and how you use them. This collection applies to the information below.

1.2. Internet Protocol address

INBOX collects information linked with your login:

1.2.1 Login IP address

1.2.2 Login date and time

1.3. Location information

When you use INBOX services, we can collect and process information on your physical location. INBOX uses location determination technologies based on your IP address.

1.4. Payment information

When you make a payment for INBOX services, INBOX can collect and process information on your bank account, banking institution, phone number and PayPal account. Payment card information is not collected or processed.

1.5. Local storage

INBOX can process and store information (including personal information) locally on your device, using systems such as your browser’s online storage.

1.6. Cookies and similar technology

When you visit an INBOX service, we (and our partners) use various information collection and storage technologies which can include using cookies or similar technologies for identifying your browser or device. INBOX uses these technologies to collect and store information for the purpose of directing advertising.

2. Use of collected information

The information which INBOX collects from all INBOX services is used to provide, maintain, secure and improve current services; to develop new services; and for the security of INBOX users. Collected information is also used to offer INBOX users personalised content and advertisements.

For all INBOX services where an INBOX account is required, INBOX can use the name, surname and username the INBOX user provided when registering their INBOX profile.

When you contact INBOX, your correspondence is saved to help us solve any problems you may come across. We can use your email address to inform you of our services: for example, to let you know of any future changes or improvements.

The information which INBOX collects using cookies and other technologies is used to improve user experience (for example, if you save your language preferences, you will be able to use our services in your chosen language) and general service quality.

When showing users personalised advertisements, identifiers from cookies or similar technologies are not linked with sensitive categories such as race, religious views, sexual orientation or health condition.

INBOX processes personal information in its servers, which are located in Latvia.

3. Transparency and choice

INBOX’s goal is to clearly state what information is collected by INBOX, so that the user can make a considered choice on the use of their collected information. You can choose to take the further actions mentioned below.

3.1. Using the INBOX profile overview, you can review and control certain information linked with your INBOX account.

3.2. Using the advertising preferences under the INBOX profile overview, the user can edit their preferences for advertisements seen on the INBOX network.

Users can block all cookies in their browser, including cookies linked with INBOX services. However, it is important to note that some INBOX services may not function properly if you disable cookies.

4. Access to and updating personal information

Regardless of when you use INBOX services, INBOX’s goal is to provide its users access to their personal information. If this information is incorrect, we try to update or delete it quickly.

INBOX’s goal is to provide its services in such a way as to protect information from accidental or malicious deletion. Therefore, after deleting information from INBOX services, a certain amount of time may pass before spare copies of this data are deleted from our active servers.

4.1. INBOX and users’ shared information

4.1.1. You agree that all data provided by you is used for data processing in the INBOX database.

4.1.2. In the “User Profile” section you have the choice to refuse data processing.

4.1.3. Your data will be saved while you use INBOX services.

4.1.4. You have the right to edit and delete your data, in which case data is saved for as much time as necessary to be certain that the edit or deletion has not been performed by a third party who may have unlawfully accessed your email in your name.

4.1.5. INBOX promises to delete at your request any natural person’s data that you have provided.

4.2. Providing personal identifying information is a prerequisite of using INBOX services, considering that the contents of your emails belong to you, and, in the case of a dispute, you must be able to demonstrate your rights.

4.2.1. In accordance with article 13 of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council, you have the right to submit complaints to a supervisory institution.

4.2.2. The user has the right to request a copy of their saved personal data in person at the INBOX office by identifying themselves as a profile owner. The user’s saved data information will be prepared within 2 weeks of receiving the request.

5. Procedure for deleting and renewing personal information

Users’ personal data can be deleted in the following cases:

5.1. The user has the right to delete their own personal data by deleting their profile in the “User Profile” section; access to the profile will be blocked and information about the user will be deleted from the INBOX servers within one year.

5.2. Based on the INBOX portal conditions for use, INBOX can delete a user’s personal data by deleting the profile, after which point information about the user will be deleted from the INBOX servers within one year.

The waiting period mentioned above is necessary to prevent unsanctioned actions from third parties using a user’s login details.

During the period mentioned above in points 5.1 and 5.2 in which data will be saved, the user has the right to renew their user profile in person at the INBOX office by identifying themselves as the profile owner. Renewal of personal data takes place no later than two days after the request has been received.

During the period mentioned above in points 5.1 and 5.2 in which data will be saved, the user has the right to delete their user profile in person at the INBOX office by identifying themselves as the profile owner. Deletion of personal data takes place no later than two days after the request has been received.

6. INBOX measures for ensuring the security of personal information

INBOX takes the following steps to secure the INBOX business and its users against unsanctioned access to the information held by INBOX, its modification, publication or deletion.

6.1. The following measures are being taken:

6.1.1. Encryption using a standard SSL.

6.1.2. To access their INBOX account, users are offered two-step verification.

6.1.3. To avoid unauthorised access to the system, INBOX supervises the collected information, its storage and processing, including physical security measures.

6.1.4. Access to personal information can only be gained by INBOX employees; those who perform work for us; and representatives who must know this information to process it at our request, who must comply with strict contractual confidentiality requirements, and who can receive a disciplinary fine or be discharged from their duties if they do not comply with these requirements.

7. Services to which this confidentiality policy applies

The INBOX confidentiality policy applies to all services offered by INBOX; however the policy does not apply to those services with a separate confidentiality policy which is not reflected in this confidentiality policy.

The INBOX confidentiality policy does not apply to services offered by other businesses or natural persons, including products or sites which may include INBOX services, or other sites linked with INBOX services.The INBOX confidentiality policy does not apply to procedures implemented by other businesses or organisations who advertise INBOX services and who can use cookies, pixel tags and other technologies to send and offer suitable advertisements.

8. Adherence to the policy and cooperation with regulatory institutions

INBOX regularly reviews its compliance with this confidentiality policy. On receiving an official written complaint or request for support, we contact the submitter to decide on any further actions. To investigate any complaints regarding transfer of personal information which we cannot solve directly with the person involved, INBOX cooperates with the applicable regulatory institutions including local data protection institutions.

9. Changes

This confidentiality policy may change from time to time. INBOX does not restrict the rights of users in accordance with this confidentiality policy without the user’s explicit permission. All changes to the confidentiality policy will be published on this page and, if they are significant, a special notification will be sent (including those regarding specific services, notifications on changes to the confidentiality policy will be sent by email.)

V Communication

  1. You understand and agree that the services of are given as they are, and that the administration of is not responsible for communications of any user or for timely distribution, removal or mistaken delivery of your personal data, and also for impossibility of its preservation.
  2. It is your responsibility to receive access tools to any services given by Such access might be related to paying for the services of a third party (for example, the services of internet-provider or other internet-related services.) It is your responsibility to pay for such services.
  3. If you were unable to find answer for your question, please write to

VI Acceptance of conditions

Every user of has read the Terms of Service and is obliged to follow them. By choosing the services of you accept the quality and content of these services.

Should anyone act in breach with aforementioned Terms, administration holds the right to block such user from accessing and its services without any notice.

All requests that are related to violations of the User agreement of the portal are reviewed by administrators within 5 working days. In the event of a violation, the account is blocked and the user's access is blocked, about which the user is informed at the moment of the authorizations.

VII Procedure for handling applications and proposals

User has the right to contact SIA “INBOKSS” with submissions, proposals or complaints concerning the services provided, or their shortcomings, and to receive a substantive reply.

Submissions, proposal or complaint may be made:

Use e-mail: or by mail by letter to us at SIA "INBOKSS" Req. Nr 40003560720, 15 – 2 floor Matrozu street, Riga, LV-1048, LATVIA

The complaint will be dealt with within 15 working days from the day of the complaint, with the reply sent to the address of the communication indicated in the complaint.

If a complaint is found to be unreasonable and you do not consent to the recognition of the complaint as unfounded, you have the right to use the alternative dispute resolution options specified in regulatory enactments by submitting a written application for a service to Extrajudicial Resolution of the dispute by indicating:

  • Name, contact information;
  • The filing date;
  • The nature of the dispute, the claims and the reasons for them.

Online Dispute Resolution:

Information about Extrajudicial Dispute resolution options and Extrajudicial For dispute-settlers:

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