Pamper Your Skin From The Wedding Stress With These Home Methods

August 22 2017 12:20

The day of the wedding is
something very special and
precious in any person's life. The
preparations for the occasion
start at least six months in
advance. So much of care is
taken in dealing with everything

The same care must be given to
the skin as well to look good on
the D-day. It does not happen all
of a sudden and takes its own
time. So, it is suggested to start a
skin care regimen as early as
possible; may be three months in

Even when this is done with
maximum effort, there might be
a situation when the skin loses its
sheen due to all the stress and in
going around for selecting
jewels, dresses, and so on. To
cope up with this, check out
these home methods to get back
your glow.

Cleanse, Exfoliate, And

This is the thumb rule to be done
twice daily to maintain a good
skin texture even when there is
so much of stress involved.

Honey can be used as a cleanser,
as it draws out impurities. The
easily available toner is the
natural rose water. Just dab it
onto the skin to get refreshed.
Applying yogurt for about 10
minutes moisturises the skin to a
great extent.

Face Pack:

Papaya is the best fruit that you
can find to rejuvenate your tired
skin. It is also a natural bleach
and enhances smoothness. It is
loaded with vitamins A, C, E, and
helps in treating damaged skin.
Take a quarter of ripe papaya
and mash well. Mix it to a thick
paste with a teaspoon of honey.

Apply and let it sit for 20
minutes. Wash it off with cool
water. To give it an extra oomph,
add in a teaspoon of sandalwood
powder. After washing, cleanse
with rose water.

Oil Massage:

There is nothing better than an
oil massage to relax the body,
especially on the day before the
wedding. Take about 100 ml of
sweet almond oil and mix in 20
drops of lavender essential oil.

This is so easy to make and the
results are outstanding. Sweet
almond oil gets absorbed by the
skin, nourishing it really quickly,
and lavender helps relieve

Clay Facial:

Soothe your skin with this clay
facial. Kaolin clay, generally
called white clay, cleanses the
skin while restoring blood
circulation. Mix together ½ a cup
of white clay, 2 tbsp of ground
oats, 1 tbsp of milk powder, and
1½ tsp of honey.

Store this in a jar. Take 2 tsp of
the mixture and add the same
amount of water or milk to it.
Apply and leave it on for 10
minutes. Remove with warm
water using a washcloth.

Body Scrub:

Who doesn't love strawberries?
Now, here is a way to nourish
your skin with this exotic fruit.
Take a cup of well-mashed ripe
strawberries and one tablespoon
of ground coffee. Mix together
and massage it into your skin for
a few minutes.

Let it sit for about 10-15 minutes
before rinsing it. Strawberry
makes the skin smooth and
coffee removes the dead skin
cells and helps treat stretch
marks and cellulite.

Mineral Bath:

Epsom salt helps remove toxins
and treat inflammation from the
skin, helping the body to relax.
Take 1 cup of it and mix it with
½ a cup of baking soda. Add in
about 15 drops of essential oil of
your choice.

Lavender is the best for
relaxation. Fill up your tub with
warm water and add in the
mixture. Rest in there for at
least 30 minutes or as long as
you wish. Pat dry and follow it
up with a moisturiser.

Note: If Epsom salt is not
available, normal sea salt could
be used as well.

Foot Soak:

This is a method to get rid of
tired feet after a long day. Take
a large basin with warm water,
which is boiled and cooled to a
bearable temperature to soak
your feet. Add in 5 drops of
peppermint essential oil, 1 drop
of eucalyptus and lemon
essential oils each. Soak your
feet in there, dry, and apply a
lemon-based moisturiser.

Another method is to pour warm
milk in a small basin and add
some water. Add salt and soak
your feet in it for 30 minutes.
Salt removes the toxins from the
feet and milk improves the skin
texture and fades blemishes if

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