Tamanu Oil – The Lost Secret Tonic To Get Rid Of All Your Skin Problems

August 23 2017 13:17

Ancient people never had to face
skin problems like we do today
because they knew every secret
of Mother Nature. Even in
today's time with so much
advancement in science and
technology, we still turn towards
natural remedies to get rid of
our beauty woes.

Ancient people knew how to
harness the power of nature.
They have left behind a legacy of
natural remedies, which have
been lost through time and
generations. But there are some
people in the world who still
swear by these ancient remedies
to get rid of all their skin

Olive oil and coconut oil
havelong been used on the skin
for their various benefits. But
there are a few products of
Mother Nature which are more
powerful than any ingredient we
know. Tamanu oil is one such

Lost in the pages of history, its
amazing benefits were recently
re-discovered by the modern
world. Tamanu oil is an extract
from a nut of an evergreen tree
called Calophylluminophyllu . It
is used widely by people in the
Southeast Asia for its amazing
benefits on the skin.

The Benefits Of TamanuOil Are

1) It is said to reduce
2) It is rich in antioxidants and
helps heal skin tissues faster.
3) It is very potent to reduce
scars left by acne or keloids.
4) It is rich in fatty acids which
will moisturize your skin.
5) It will help significantly
reduce stretch marks.
6) It has the ability to heal
wounds faster than any known
7) It is also one of the best anti-
ageing products available in the

What makes Tamanu oil a
miracle of Mother Nature is its
natural content of three essential
compounds-Calophylic acid,
phospholipids and an antibiotic
called lactone. It also contains
powerful anti-inflammatory
agent called caumarins. It is also
known to inhibit skin tumour

Different Ways ToUse TamanuOil In
Your Skin Care Routine:

1) For Treating Sunburn:

If you just spent some relaxing
days in the sun, your skin may
be damaged or tanned. Nothing
will heal your skin faster than
tamanu oil. It will soothe your
burning skin, get rid of the tan
and help it heal faster.Rub the
tamanu oil directly onto the
affected area several times a day
for maximum benefits.

2) Night Repairing Cream:

Tamanu oil will help repair the
damage that your skin has gone
throughout the day. It will
smoothen out your skin and will
reduce the appearance of fine
lines. Simply apply tamanu oil
directly onto your face at night
and wake up to gorgeous-looking

3) Body Scrub:

Mix some tamanu oil with sea
salt and use this to scrub your
body. This scrub will exfoliate
your skin without stripping it off
the moisture. Your skin will feel
baby smooth to touch.

4) To Treat Acne And Acne

Use tamanu oil as a spot
treatment to reduce acne. Apply
some tamanu oil directly on the
pimple with a Q-tip. Repeat it as
many times as possible to dry
out the pimple.

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