Tips To Follow After A Bikini Wax

August 23 2017 11:46

Waxing is considered to be the
best method of hair removal for
most women. It gives you super
soft skin and the results are long
lasting. It exfoliates our skin and
removes any tan or
discoloration. Waxing also uses
safe natural ingredients which
are gentle on the skin.

While there are many positives
about waxing, many women opt
out of it due to pain. Waxing is a
painful process. But the results
are definitely worth the pain. No
other procedure gives smooth
skin and guarantees 100% hair
removal. In fact, you will not
notice any hair growth for at
least a month at most times.

That is why women are opting
for waxing for the bikini areas.
It may sound painful but it
leaves the area looking hairless
and smooth. Shaving might be a
painless alternative but it leaves
the skin rough and because the
roots are not removed, the hair
grows out a bit coarse.

Keeping your pubic hair
trimmed is a matter of hygiene.
You may resort to different
methods to keep your pubic area
clean. If you have decided to try
bikini waxing for the first time,
there are a few pointers to keep
in mind.

Waxing involves application of
hot wax and removal of hair
swiftly which is bound to irritate
the skin; you need to take certain
precautions after the procedure.

Here are a few tips to follow.

Before The Procedure

Half an hour before your
appointment, take a paracetamol
tablet. This will ease your pain
to some extent but don't expect it
to work like local anaesthesia.
Also, ensure that your hair is
long enough for it to be removed
completely from the roots at one
go itself for more effective
waxing and less pain.

After The Procedure

1) Moisturizing:

The area may turn red due to
the procedure but the swelling
should come down in a couple of
hours. Use a good moisturizer to
reduce the swelling and
discomfort. Make sure to use a
fragrance-free moisturizer
because you will be applying it
in a sensitive area.

Better still, use fresh aloe vera
gel. It will reduce the
inflammation and redness.
Anything with tea tree oil will
also benefit. Apply a thin layer
after waxing.

2) Cooled Tea Bags:

Another effective way to reduce
the swelling is by using used tea
bags. Take a used tea bag and
keep it on the waxed area. It will
relax you instantly. You can try
them on other body parts as well
after waxing.

3) Ice Cubes:

Ice cubes are excellent to soothe
your irritated skin. Crush a few
ice cubes and wrap it with a
cloth. It will also close the open
pores and reduce the chances of

Things To Avoid After Waxing:

1) Avoid public places such as
spas and swimming pools as you
are more prone to infection.

2) Avoid tight underwear as the
moisture can get trapped and
can lead to infection.

3) Make sure to exfoliate the
area at least twice a week in
order to prevent ingrown hair.

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