SEXY women in Riga

May 17 2010 20:47

The comment was made by a friend that the women in Riga dress so sexy and revealing.  I would  welcome any comments and photos which show examples.

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Ian F. may 18 2010 12:14His answers

In my home town in England, I go out on friday nights when I am not working and I see alot of sexy girls wearing revealing clothing. Think you'll find its not just Riga.

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Roosevelt T. may 17 2010 21:02 His answers

There is a guy named Huseyin Mercan...he is very intelligent about that. If you go and contact with him you will learn so many thing...he is an intellectual person pls make a touch with him...

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Brainwork B. may 17 2010 21:07 His answers

I say the same as Roosevelt Truman! Huseyin is the right men for this!

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Blocked profile may 17 2010 22:00 His answers

Latvia women are very nice and beautiful woman, and yes they dress very sexy, but is not the way Latvia woman dress that make them special is the way they are and the culture too, beacuse Latvia is a hole History and is not only Riga, every where is beautiful people, and is very pleassend to speak and know them. Latvia women are the Latinas in Europa sexy, but more that only body.

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barzin m. may 17 2010 22:57 His answers

its true BUT dosen`t know what`s Love

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Jeff M. may 17 2010 23:59 His answers

Ja Ja Ja Ja :)) :))

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jan D. may 18 2010 22:06 His answers

tu izskaties mauka

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Blocked profile may 18 2010 22:49 Her answers

Imma say this just once. That Huseyin guy is an old pervert, that's all there is to him. Nearly every Turkish guy wants your fucking hotmail address, so he can have a sex chat with you. I lived in Latvia for a very long time, and Latvian women aren't as sexy as people say. YOU are sexy, seriously, but you won't get too many women lookin like you in Latvia. I agree with Ian there, I live in Ireland and there are many sexy girls wearing revealing clothing when they're going out. I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder

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rob d. may 18 2010 23:00 His answers

I do agree that photos which show examples would be welcome. ;)

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Blocked profile may 19 2010 00:02 His answers

The prettiest women I know are in Riga, there are beautiful women all over
the world but my eyes and heart is still in Riga

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Ricardo D. may 19 2010 16:42 His answers

I have to agree with Barzin Martin! Lavian women are beautifull and sexy, dress well in a very sensual way but then... comes the desolution!!! They're usually cold! It's a petty. They need to know better how to love and stop being so calculists. In that moment Latvia will  have the best and more sensual women in the world...  

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Winston C. may 19 2010 22:54 His answers

How many years you idiots lived in Latvia/Riga? Including you, fake Anna Smith? Couldn't get better stollen pics than that?

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