What would you do without the internet?

May 19 2010 18:10

How would you entertain yourself or meet people?

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Answers (5)

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orhan t. may 19 2010 18:24 His answers

nothing infact internet is unreal world
and necessary to use it sometimes

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Ricardo D. may 19 2010 18:25 His answers

He! He! maybe I would have  more time for real fun and for women!...

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eM r. may 19 2010 18:32 His answers

I would move to riga... that s for sure...

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Brainwork B. may 19 2010 19:07 His answers

If i see that people here stay around the clock, what will they do? I read more books

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rob d. may 20 2010 23:57 His answers

It's a good question.
I lived most of my life without the internet.
I think I can go back to the way it once was.
It might even be better.

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