Elza Minzee is a fake profile its really Walter a sad Italian man

July 5 2015 18:58

To everyone who uses Amigos just to inform you Elza Minze is a fake profile which has been used on and off since 2006.The profile has been done by Walter a sad Italian man who had a profile on Amigos which got deleted by Amigos for insulting various people.
Just to inform you do not make friends with him as you are wasting your time unless you want to write to this pathetic excuse of a man.He hides behind a womans photo from 2006 which is on various websites on the internet and use the name Elza Minze.
I have put photos on of Walter as this is who you are really contacting.
If you look at blogs he does he likes to put male genitals or sexual photos on them like the Idiot one he did.He also has a photo of sperm covering one photo of two females would a female do this no?
This is a photo of Elza who really is Walter so do not make friends with him or delete him as a friend unless you like talking to an Italian man who thinks he is a female.

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Blocked profile July 30 2015 17:45

ronalda z. July 8 2015 12:52


Elina S. July 6 2015 01:52

Kas tas traks?

kamil s. July 5 2015 21:49


AIV S. July 5 2015 21:46


Blonde L. July 5 2015 20:30

I notice this Elza profile on blog break many rules in Amigos its really man?

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