Walter the liar

January 10 2016 13:29

Who is Walter trying to impress with all his lies and fantasies?
He lies about his age which is forty five not forty one uses old photos for his profile.
He did a blog about Rio yet this photo  is of someone else at World Cup in Brazil a couple in Rio which is on many websites.
He now does a profile picture claiming my car which obviously its not here is website link

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walter p. January 10 2016 16:47

First off orhan.... Shut your paki Muslim mouth it stinks of kebabs and stale excrement, get back on the banana boat to wherever you came from you noxious cunt. Secondly I talk a load of shit as I haven't been laid in years hence me being on this site for over ten years with no luck. I have a micro penis I dye my hair and I do salsa dancing as it's the only way I can touch a woman as I've been told I am a pussy repellent!. I lie about my age, my possessions my money etc as I have a menial job emptying old peoples bed pans. Also I  a wop fag. Hope this clears everything up. P.S....FUCK OFF

jeff j. January 10 2016 16:09

Its Walter who is disturbed

orhan t. January 10 2016 13:40

not important for me
pls never dısturb me again

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