People who is the biggest fake in Amigos

July 8 2015 23:01

Just read this message on a blog done by Walter who uses the fake Elza Minze profile which he has done for many years.He is infatuated by using this name and photos of a young woman from over ten years ago such much so that it has taken over his life and cannot use his real identity or profile which was Walter the Best.
He claims Elina Safina is a fake profile and has thousands of fakes and that he hates fake people in virtual and real life when he is the biggest fake going pretending to be a woman for many years.You choose real life not illness thats an illness you have pretending to be someone you are not.You also put photos of mens genitals,naked photos and sexual acts on your blogs and photos with sperm on them.In real life you cannot find a girlfriend and probably have gay tendencies.He must lead a sad and lonely life which gets him nowhere pretending to be a female on Amigos when he is a forty five year old man.Get a life Walter or go and see a doctor about your sickness.

Who Walter thinks he is and below who he really is

People who is the biggest fake in Amigos?

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Blocked profile October 29 2015 18:41

iam walter thebest

Blocked profile July 30 2015 17:43

Blocked profile July 30 2015 17:43

jeff j. July 23 2015 21:53

Seems like the biggest fake Elza Minzee aka Walter been using a womans photos when she was younger no wonder they look so old.What a sad life he has got?

jeff j. July 18 2015 15:29

A sad lonely idiot must agree with you Karls.

Blocked profile July 18 2015 00:22

elza no such person just fake profile by walter he has sad life cannot meet anyone with fake profile just like see cock.

Nicole W. July 17 2015 20:47

I see

kamil s. July 13 2015 21:54

Blocked profile July 12 2015 14:33

Juus lloti labi izskataties!!! Paldies par veetuli!!

inessa s. July 11 2015 17:16

Biggest fake in Amigos walter aka Elza Minze must like maikls skoltfilds cock so much sent links of his profile photo it to me on his idiots blog.he has blocked me now llike he usually does that idiot needs to get a life gay boy.

Oksana S. July 11 2015 01:32


Garry G. July 9 2015 12:38

Poor fella needs to see a doctor he has serious problems

kamil s. July 8 2015 23:20

Elina S. July 8 2015 23:07

Elisa Mincitis 22:21
elina safina is a fake profile
you are behind thousand of fakes
i hate fake people in virtual and real life
i choose real life not illness

I read this it come from biggest fake in Amigos Walter you are a joker sick mind man.

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