Elza Minzee who has Idiot blog is a fake profile its Walter

July 8 2015 00:09

The Idiot blog is done by a fake profile by an Italian man called Walter who pretends to be female.He used to have a profile on Amigos but it got blocked by Amigos staff for abusing people.
He usually calls himself Elza Minze beware of this person asking to be your friend or if already friends delete them as they are not who you think they are.
This is one of the photos he uses on the fake profile he created which are on many websites.
If you upload the photo below on Google Images or Tiny eye you can see for yourself.

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Blocked profile November 5 2015 00:39

yes its me  someone do fake profile of me

jeff j. July 31 2015 00:01

Anne i do not understand what you write about in the message maybe write in English?

Blocked profile July 30 2015 18:28

pugala Waltera -ohranjajet evo...a sam Walter maja pugala..on ohranjaet menja....slava geroju!...kotorii prodajotsja, ctobi uvleč bnimenie-ja spakoino magu idti!...takie mečti vsev Zvozt-nerani menja-rani teh, katorie tavo zaslužili!-naivnih!

Geoff A. July 18 2015 17:38

ooh you are awful

Elina S. July 18 2015 13:25

he is gay always put in blog link to male cock.

Blocked profile July 18 2015 00:39

when man imagine himself like awoman he just need man to fuck him

Nicole W. July 17 2015 21:16

That"s very funny what was he thinking? He needs a doctor LOL...

Blocked profile July 12 2015 14:42


inessa s. July 12 2015 12:47

Here is a photo of Elza`s(Walter`s) dog he likes it a lot.

Shad S. July 8 2015 14:28

You look so sexy

ronalda z. July 8 2015 13:02


jeff j. July 8 2015 12:59

I am making people aware as he decieves people and insults people in Amigos many years.
That is why people should be aware.

Aigars . July 8 2015 12:54

who's care

Blocked profile July 8 2015 12:48

Tu esi lloti skaista!!!   

Elina S. July 8 2015 04:24

Nasty man this Valters?

Blonde L. July 8 2015 00:26

I remember him insulting on blogs is that Walter the Best?
Saw he signed onto Amigos tonight and hides behind another profile whats his problem he is creepy.
He used these photos sometimes.

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