Blocked profile September 9 2016 00:02

i do not use this profile now yes it is a fake.

zhao z. September 8 2016 06:07

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Charles H. August 15 2016 17:23

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jeff j. June 22 2016 00:16

Geoff we all know Walter is gay with all links he puts on blogs.

Blocked profile June 16 2016 19:58

Nik R. June 16 2016 19:51

in General the first entry. idiot otvetish. who reads it. there are few visitors. now inspires communication.

Blocked profile June 16 2016 19:32

stupid blog remove it or idiots write in it

walter t. June 10 2016 21:46

he blocks anyone who upsets him . a fuckin child lol

Garry G. June 10 2016 20:42

Walter has blocked me i wonder why maybe because of messages i sent him and wrote on his Rio blog?

Garry G. June 10 2016 20:38

Walter this your boyfriend Renato at Arca told me you are close to him?

Garry G. June 10 2016 20:33

Thought it was on photos someone wrote a blog about this.

walter t. June 10 2016 00:56

Looks like Walter needs a stiff cock up his bum!

walter t. June 10 2016 00:55

He also likes emptying his bollock yoghurt on photos lol

walter t. June 10 2016 00:54

Walter likes cosmetics on men's faces! Gets his cock stiff!

walter t. June 10 2016 00:51

Walter loves fat dick!

Garry G. June 7 2016 23:06

Blocked profile June 5 2016 22:18

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