Blocked profile June 1 2016 23:07

WALTER THEFAKEELZAWOP hope you die of cancer idiot

Blocked profile June 1 2016 23:06

WALTER THEFAKEELZAWOP hope you die of cancer idiot

jeff j. June 1 2016 22:36

Blonde lady is the profile user not  Blonde one.

jeff j. June 1 2016 22:34

There is a profile user Nikita the Best on Amigos.
Everyone knows Walter had a fake profile Elza Minze the woman whose photos he used when she was youngeris profile user Blonde One.

WALTER T. June 1 2016 20:37

what was that you fluid fag?

WALTER T. June 1 2016 20:37

i KNOW you havent  gotten your cock wet for YEARS thats why you now suck dick!

WALTER T. June 1 2016 20:36

what was your job again walter? wanking on photos and wiping old peoples bums?.....NOICE!

WALTER T. June 1 2016 20:34

you like to wank on photos and have your cheesy wop feet licked? dirty fucka!

WALTER T. June 1 2016 20:33

yes he masturbates on photos! definitely not the full ticket! special needs lol

WALTER T. June 1 2016 20:31

do you have cancer of the testicles again walter?

WALTER T. June 1 2016 20:30

its common knowledge walter is a nonse! lol

jeff j. May 31 2016 21:49

Walter you seem the sick idiot here?

jeff j. May 31 2016 21:48

Geoff how can you like men like Walter this guy is seriously damaged goods?

jeff j. May 31 2016 21:46

Where do you get all information on Walter do you know the idiot?

Blocked profile May 31 2016 21:09

ok enoug is enough , you are fired
poor idiot

Blocked profile May 31 2016 21:08

i think you not had sex in a while idiot

Blocked profile May 30 2016 23:31

fuck you and your family sister brother and mother father
ihihihihi poor idiot without power and no money no job and no car

Blocked profile May 30 2016 23:23

idiot lick my feet now

Blocked profile May 30 2016 23:20

definetely this blogger is sick  i d i o t

Blocked profile May 30 2016 23:11

i hope you die soon very very soon
and your family and all your generation

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