walter t. June 4 2016 21:36

yeah see how far that has gotten you after ten years.... no wonder you have turned to dicks now!

walter t. June 4 2016 21:35

i will leave that to you walter you homo! always posting pics of mens genitals! you fuckin love cock you do!

walter t. June 4 2016 21:32

oh dear! looks like walters is annoyed! lets wait for the police and webmaster now! fuckin idiot!

walter t. June 4 2016 21:31

i wish you would stop spunking on photos!

walter t. June 4 2016 21:31


walter t. June 4 2016 21:31

oh no! not your  1000" friends"! scared!!!

walter t. June 4 2016 21:29

typical! dirty old wop faggot!

Garry G. June 3 2016 22:09

Geoff why do you want to meet Walter?

Garry G. June 3 2016 21:44

Dirty naked Walter waiting for his boyfriend to have sex with him

Blocked profile June 3 2016 20:15

so you are telling me that drunk are writing to you to have sexcam and you reply to them even if you dont like it?

is this that you are saying in your reply?

Blocked profile June 3 2016 20:01

I am a gentleman with important business job and busy life when I am in Latvia for work.
I don't like to visit Riga alone and I search intelligent people to speak about latvian culture and social values.
I am sensitive and I respect people and i want to be respected as well. I know what is pain in love and what is joy. I am interested in sex only after friendship and love, not before...

I dont like piercing in tongue i dont smoke and i dont like atheism or girls asking me to buy jewelry or expensive lether bags

Blocked profile June 3 2016 19:57
Blocked profile June 3 2016 19:45

F  U  C  K   Y  O  U   I  D  I  O  T

Blocked profile June 3 2016 19:43

if you dont stop i call my dear friends, idiot!

Blocked profile June 3 2016 19:37

i wish you die

Blocked profile June 3 2016 19:33

walter t. June 2 2016 14:14

you are a sick pervert with a micro penis who salsa dances to grope women. Oh.....and your breath stinks of horse excrement!

walter t. June 2 2016 14:01

who am i talking to ? walter or elza? either way you are the biggest cock gobbler in roma!

walter t. June 2 2016 14:00

you have cancer of the brain motherfucka! and cancer of the cock....judging by how small it is in your wank on photos videos! lol

walter t. June 2 2016 13:59

indeed! a proper fag he is!

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