Blocked profile May 30 2016 23:23

idiot lick my feet now

Blocked profile May 30 2016 23:20

definetely this blogger is sick  i d i o t

Blocked profile May 30 2016 23:11

i hope you die soon very very soon
and your family and all your generation

Blocked profile May 30 2016 23:08

if you dont stop of harassing me i call the webmaster and show all these evidences of pishing

walter t. May 30 2016 16:57

been here ten years and still not got a woman have you fuckface? lol but still posting pictures of erect cocks.....LOSER

walter t. May 30 2016 16:55

you wank into underwear now also walter? you dirty fucka!

walter t. May 30 2016 16:55

yes but not as awful as your goofy horse teeth shitstain!

Blocked profile May 29 2016 18:48

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I have got same
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underwear with money impressed on..
impressive meaning of his life, thinking to sex and money, what a poor person...

Blocked profile May 29 2016 18:38

disgusting so little so awful

WALTER C. May 29 2016 14:55

defo a transgender cock gobbler you are walter!

WALTER C. May 29 2016 14:55

no you don't have sex with your "1000 friends" walter.... you do have sex with your right hand though! wanker!

WALTER C. May 29 2016 14:54

i slap your wop face forgot lol

WALTER C. May 29 2016 14:53

old skin told me

WALTER C. May 29 2016 14:52

because he's a cunt

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you can rent walters cock for 0.50 euro its common knowledge here !

Blocked profile May 26 2016 21:40

orhan turkmen 17:20
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Blocked profile May 25 2016 20:24

idiots writing blogs against me you are idiot also.

Garry G. May 24 2016 16:15

How do you know this?

Blocked profile May 23 2016 23:04

derty sun of a bithc you idiot you are
i hate harassment from idiot pepople

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